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Our Design Process

Webline Services uses a straightforward, linear process for its design projects. Once we have submitted the Quote and are ready to proceed... 

Phase 1 - Requirement gathering

Our project team collaborates with your team to clarify and establish the necessary specifications for the design. Once we've established a joint understanding of the website's goals

Phase 2 - First Design Draft

Our designers go back to the drawing board. When the first draft of your site is complete, they submit it to you, and you provide feedback.

Phase 3 - Revisions

As our team works and revises the site, they provide you with successive revisions for your review. The final product takes shape.

Phase 4 - Final Design Draft, Approval, and Graphics

After successive improvements and all the design requirements have been incorporated to your satisfaction, you give your final approval.

At this point, the graphics that you need for the website are collected and incorporated.

Phase 6 - Site delivery!

You review the completed product. Once we have your final approval, we upload the completed site to your hosting server (or send them to you by e-mail so you may upload them yourselves).

Thanks -  and Good Luck!

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