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Secure Virtual Storage Space

Webline Services is your Internet "hard drive": a secure online storage space for both your personal and business files.

Our regular plans offer you 20GB, 50GB, or 100GB of online storage, but if you need more space we'll be happy to customize a plan for you.

In any case, we profivide a simple way to save, access, share, and back up your important data files, knowing that it's always safe and available from anywhere.

Simplify your life with Webline Services:

  • Securely store your data online
  • No Hardware, so there is nothing to break, lose or have stolen
  • Easy to use
  • E-mail with unlimited attachment size and linking feature

Easily share any file of any size

Do you share files as e-mail attachments? Does your e-mail service limit the size of the attachments? With Webline Services, you can share files of any size.

Store your data online, and access it anywhere, anytime

With a Webline Services account, you can access your files anytime, anywhere there is an Internet connection. This is great if you need a file you didn't put on your flash drive, or if you left your external hard drive at the hotel!

Create sub-accounts for multiple user access

The perfect solution for small businesses or other groups of collaborators. You can set up accounts and folders with permissions that you choose, giving different users different permissions for different folders.  Create "shared" folders for a specific group of users, "personal" ones for each, and "public" ones for all. Share only what needs to be shared, and keep the rest secure and private.

Back up your data

Naturally, you should always keep a backup of your data in case of hardware failures, viruses, or even natural disasters.

Webline Services always has your data backed up, and can help restore everything your most important files and documents. You'll never worry again about losing your data.

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