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CloudLinux's proprietary isolation technology creates its unique Lightweight Virtual EnvironmentsTM (LVE) that provide improved resource management. Each LVE restricts the amount of resources that its site can use, so that it cannot slow or even take down the rest of the server.

You choose a plan that gives you the amount of processing power and resources you need. You can also upgrade or memory or disk space as required.

To add processing power, simply upgrade to the next higher-level Virtual Machine. For more memory or disk storage, simply add on to your Virtual Machine on a per GB basis.

If your OS and file system allow for dynamic disk allocation, you can increase the disk space on the fly as well.

Processor Capacity Memory Disk Storage Monthly Data Transfer Base Cost Order/Info
250 MHz Processor 256 MB RAM 10 GB SAS Disk 100 GB $49.00 Setup, $34.95/mo Order Now
500 MHz Processor 512 MB RAM 25 GB SAS Disk 200 GB $49.00 Setup, $59.95/mo Order Now
1,000 MHz Processor 1 GB RAM 50 GB SAS Disk 500 GB $49.00 Setup, $84.95/mo Order Now
2,000 MHz Processor 2 GB RAM 75 GB SAS Disk 750 GB $49.00 Setup, $139.95/mo Order Now
4,000 MHz Processor 4 GB RAM 100 GB SAS Disk 1,000 GB $49.00 Setup, $199.95/mo Order Now
8,000 MHz Processor 8 GB RAM 150 GB SAS Disk 1,500 GB $49.00 Setup, $399.95/mo Order Now
10,000 MHz Processor 12 GB RAM 200 GB SAS Disk 2,000 GB $49.00 Setup, $549.95/mo Order Now
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